Tuesday, February 28, 2017

OT Graduation

Our Autism journey has been filled with so many ups and downs since it begin back in the early part of 2014. I can still remember the night I walked upstairs and told my parents I thought something was wrong with Harper-Lynn.  They felt the same the way.  That next day I called her pediatrician and we started on a long journey of answers.  

One of the stops on our journey has been occupational therapy at McKenna Farms in Dallas, GA.  I can't say enough great things about this place and about the therapists who work there. I truly believe Harper-Lynn's OT, Rachel, was handpicked just for her by God.  Today has marked two and half years of working with her. I'm happy to report it is "graduation" day for my little girl.  

I could never really do justice with words in how Rachel has helped Harper-Lynn.  She has been so much more than a therapist.  She's been an encouraging, enforcer, friend, confidant, cheerleader and supporter.  Rachel fulfilled her life's calling when she chose to be an occupational therapist. Her love of children coupled with her patience make her the perfect person for this kind of job.  

I look back on these two and a half years and see the amazing effect they've had on my daughter.  We leave McKenna Farms not because Harper-Lynn no longer has Autism, but because together we've learned how to help her and Rachel has given us strategies and techniques to conquer issues that may arise. And, if down the road we need to see Rachel again, I know we'll do it.