Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Day 1

After talking about it...thinking about it...dreaming about it...pretending I didn't dream about it...today is the day! Today I started my weight-loss journey.  I'm doing it the good ole fashioned way...blood, sweat and tears...JUST KIDDING! ha! There may be some tears though. Anyway, my plan is to do it by altering my diet and MOVING! I plan on working out every single day in some way. Today I walked for 40 minutes while Harper-Lynn had her occupational therapy.  Tomorrow it will probably be at a local park since it's going to be much warmer outside. 

I can't live like this anymore.  I'm too ashamed to post my starting weight.  I know it, God knows it and my doctors know it. We'll just leave it there! 

I've given every part of my life to God, but this is the ONE thing I just seem to always hold onto. Probably because it's the hardest for me.  I know I need to treat my body like a temple.  My current lifestyle is definitely not doing that.  

I've always struggled with my weight.  When I lost 164 pounds over a 20-month period before I got pregnant, I was the smallest I'd been since middle school.  

I can't really say I've set a goal of where I'd like to end up on the scale.  Before I got pregnant I was 220 pounds, wearing a size 12 ladies pants/dress/shorts and size large shirt.  I guess that will be my goal for now. Ultimately probably 175ish.  We'll see.  

So what's my plan for the road ahead? Last month I stopped drinking diet soda and anything with a sugar-free substitute.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be! I'm down to one regular soda a day.  My water consumption was pretty much NOTHING...now it's 40-60 ounces per day.  A huge difference from where I was one month ago! I'm hoping to stop drinking soda completely by the start of February.

I'm going to do a low-carb diet with no pasta or fried foods at all. I will be keeping fruit in my diet even though it's not really part of a low-carb diet.  Overall, I'm just going to make better choices. 

I'm ready to take this step, reclaim my body and change my life! Here is goes...