Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2017 Goals

I learned many years ago not to set New Year's Resolutions.  All it did was set me up for utter failure! A few years back I started referring to them as "goals" and it really made them so much more reachable. 

I have really simplified my life a lot the past year.  2016 has been my best year in a very long time. I'm happier than I can remember being.  My relationship with Christ is what I've always wanted it to be and that has been reflected in every area of my life. I'm FAR from perfect, but more content and happy with the person He's molded me to be. 

This year I'd like to:

1. Lose 50 pounds.  I can't keep hoping for it to happen. I've just got to do it.  Plain and simple.  

2. Be living in our own apartment by the end of the year. We've lived with my parents for just over three years.  It's time to be in a bigger space.  Harper-Lynn needs her own room and I want my own kitchen again.  

3. Average one wedding per month. This is vital to that whole moving out thing!

4. Do something WAY out of my comfort zone.  Not sure yet what that will be, but it's going to be BIG!

5. Lead at least ONE person to Christ.