Friday, October 21, 2016

The Action-Packed Month

My goodness, the past month has been BUSY!

I bought a new-to-me car! It's a red 2012 Nissan Versa. I never intended on getting a car...or even a red one at that! I fell when I was nine months pregnant with Harper-Lynn and fractured my hip and injured several disks in my back so the car I've been driving has only made those injuries worse. My doctor told me I needed to sit up higher which is why I was determined to get a small SUV or minivan. While at the dealership the owner encouraged me to look at a few cars on the lot.  I was not amused at all and actually considered leaving.  God knows what he's doing though! The owner could have made about two-three thousand more dollars off of my purchase, but actually did right by me! He led me to the Versa, explained how well it drives, gets nearly 40 miles to the gallon and tires are small so relatively cheap to replace when needed.  As soon as I sat in it I knew it was my car! Amazingly this tiny car sits up high and has a great amount of leg room for everyone! I have never had someone at a dealership pray with me over my purchase.  It was one of the best buying experiences I've ever had!

I've been working A LOT! This is definetly "the season" as far as photography goes.  By mid-December I will have done 47 photo shoots since September.  I'm loving every moment of it!

I mentioned in a previous post about having TWO dry sockets after my wisdom teeth removal. After about a month I could pretty much eat what I wanted. Pure craziness is what the pain was like!!! I had a dental cleaning this past week.  I'm 37 years old and HAVE NEVER HAD A CAVITY! Pretty awesome if I do say so myself! My dentist still can't believe it! Ha!

Harper-Lynn has been doing well.  She can now write her first name without any assistance.  So proud of her! A few weeks back she woke up and told me her tummy hurt.  This is the first time she's ever acknowledged this kind of pain.  Most moms would be comforting their child, I was crying because I was so happy she could verbalize it to me! Her tummy did finally feel better though. : )

Miss H has had numerous tests done to determine the underlying cause for all of her ear, sinus and upper respiratory infections.  The cause has been officially diagnosed as UNKNOWN.  It doesn't mean their isn't a cause it just means that there will be no more testing until symptoms get worse or she gets a little older.  I hate it being listed as this, but I'm thankful she has doctors who took the time to try to figure all this out. She'll continue with her regular appointments.

This past month, Harper-Lynn and I have gone to Six Flags twice.  I didn't know she was such a daredevil! Ha! She LOVES the rides! We have stayed in the kids area, but she would ride everything over and over if I let her. I have truly loved seeing this side of her.

Harper-Lynn is one of the Superior Plumbing Kids of 2016.  We were given Disney on Ice tickets earlier this month from SP.  We had a wonderful time.  I could tell the lights were a bit much for H, but she held her own and enjoyed it in her own way.  I'm proud she stuck it out!

Last weekend Harper-Lynn went to the pumpkin patch for pictures.  Earlier this week she had her first ever field trip.  She and her class went to an awesome pumpkin patch in a neighboring town. Here are pictures from both pumpkin patches.