Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just A Swingin'

Our Autism journey has taught me many things, but I'm certain the biggest thing it has taught me is patience.  I've always been the type of person who had to get things done right away.  In the beginning of Harper-Lynn's regression I was extremely motivated to figure out everything that was happening, to get her speaking again and to get her caught up with her peers.  Now, two and a half years in, Harper-Lynn has a diagnosis, is a chatterbox and is on a level with her peers for the most part.  

One of the things a lot of children on the spectrum have is hypotonia.  In short, it means low muscle tone.  Basically, Harper-Lynn can seem "floppy" or uncoordinated at times.  H's hypotonia usually means lots of falls and a tough time with basic things the rest of us take for granted like being able to support one's self and kick your legs to swing. 

Harper-Lynn would get so frustrated that she couldn't swing herself at the park so we stopped even going towards the swings to avoid a meltdown.  I knew she'd get it eventually and my patience with it has finally paid off.  Yesterday at Harper-Lynn's occupational therapy appointment she was working in the gym with her therapist, Rachel, and finally mastered swinging! Some of you will see this and not think much of it and that's okay.  Others of you who know my daughter personally and know a child who struggles with things like this, will understand how big this achievement is.  Either way, I'm so happy for Harper-Lynn.  Being able to do this will cut down on meltdowns at the park, but it also means her body is getting stronger and we can set higher goals for her.