Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bring on Fall

Autumn is so close I can just reach out and grab it! So excited for fall this year.  My calendar is already booked with LOTS of photo shoots, fun times with my Harpie, gymnastics and appointments like usual. I sure wish our weather was more "fall like".  It's still in the high 80's.  Not exactly pumpkin spice worthy just yet.

The past few weeks have been crazy. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed at one time back on Aug 26.  Short story.. I developed TWO dry sockets.  This mama has been through several open face abdominal surgeries, a bowel obstruction, numerous hernia issues, gallbladder removal, liver failure and it's these two DRY SOCKETS that ended up causing me the absolute WORST pain of my ENTIRE life! It got so bad at one point I was certain my blood pressure being so high from the pain was going to cause me to go into cardiac arrest.  

Tomorrow will be three weeks since surgery.  Just this week I've started to feel normal again.  I have not exercised in three weeks.  My plan is to get back into it next week.  I never dreamed recovery would take this long.  I still can't talk for long periods of time without my jaw cramping up or open my mouth too wide, but I'll sure take those issues over the excruciating dry socket pain.  

Last weekend I photographed a 60th Surprise Birthday Party.  My friend, Lauren, hired me.  She did a beautiful job designing the little details.  Here's a collage I made of some of the details. 

At the end of the month, I'm doing pictures at my church's preschool like I have in the past.  I decided I'd have Harper-Lynn model the "Apple of My Eye" setup so parents could have an idea of how to dress their kiddos for picture day.  Our backyard didn't have two trees to tie the banner too so this was the best I could get. The location at the church does have what I need so the banner will hang behind each child.  

If the weather permits, Harper-Lynn is going to have her first Six Flags Over Georgia experience on Saturday.  If it rains, we'll just go and get our ID's made.  They had a SUPER deal the early part of September so I bought us season's passes.  ID's have to be made by Sept 25th to get tickets for this years's Holiday in the Park. Definitely don't want to miss out on "free" things to do for the holidays with my Harpie.  

We've got a trip planned to Sleep Hallow Farm next weekend and pumpkin patch photos for H the following weekend.  October is full of photography sessions for fall and even some Christmas ones thrown in there, too.  

We were given tickets from Superior Plumbing to Disney On Ice for next month.  Last year Harper-Lynn had her epic SHUTDOWN.  I talked with her a lot before accepting these tickets.  She's agreed to talk with me if the lighting or sounds get to be too much for her.  I told her we'd take a break from the show if we needed too.  

All in all, the next month is going to busy, but fun, too. Can't wait to share all of our adventures.  Oh, and, guess who's getting a new-to-her car next month??? This MOMMY! Can't wait!!!