Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pre-K Open House

Harper-Lynn's been on the fence about starting Pre-K.  We recently found out her best friend, Chloe, wouldn't be in her class and her other best friend, Ella, moved to another town so she's going to a school near her home.  I really wasn't sure how she was going to do at open house this evening. 
Let's just say she's super excited and can't wait for Monday! ha! Her mommy on the other hand is a nervous wreck.  The first thing my sister and I found out when we got there is that Harper-Lynn and Matthew's teacher quit yesterday.  Seriously?!? The director said she's interviewed two people already.  Really hoping it all comes together before Monday or shortly thereafter.  

In the meantime, Harper-Lynn is still recovering from her second sinus surgery. This surgery was a lot faster and much less invasive and she's having more problems than with the first one.  Her swelling went down really quickly, but she's having a lot of bloody drainage and some of it's ending up in her throat causing her to cough a lot in her sleep or when she's swallowing food.  Not sure how long this is supposed to last, but the doctor did clear her to start school on Monday so I'm guessing it shouldn't last much longer.  Of course you could never tell by this photo that she had sinus surgery just TWO days ago! ha! 

Pray for this mama! I just can't believe the itty bitty baby I gave birth to 4 years ago is already starting Pre-K.  It just doesn't seem possible.  Where has the time gone? Looks like I'm going to have a harder time transitioning than Harper-Lynn!!! : )