Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Christmas Planning in July

It's only July and Harper-Lynn already has her Christmas list complete! I swear she's like me more and more each day! ha! She has informed me she'll be asking Santa for an aquarium (she actually called it an "aqua room") and Aunt Kendra (my sister) is to get her a bike and scooter for her 18-inch doll named Paige and a Barbie scooter.  I couldn't help but laugh.  She's started "writing" lists like I do.  So cute to watch her in action.  When we go to the store she takes her own grocery list.  I love it!!! 

Back to Christmas though...

I'm amazed at how she's already planning ahead (definitely like me!!) Her "aqua room" is to have a castle, trees, treasure and glow-in-the-dark fake jelly fish plus no less than five live fish.  I have it on good authority Santa will be granting her request! : )

I've mentioned it before, but I'll share again.  I only give Harper-Lynn four gifts in total.  She gets one from Santa and three from me because Jesus was given three gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh upon his birth.  I don't put a price limit on these gifts, but I'm way too practical and frugal to spend a fortune on any one thing.  Harper-Lynn gets gifts from my parents, my sister, her dad and his family plus others so she's very well taken care of in the gift department.  

Harper-Lynn also has to donate some of her toys or stuffed animals just before Christmas to receive presents.  We do this around her birthday as well. Just the other day she told me she wanted to put a puzzle she's mastered into "the box for the kids with no toys."  Makes my heart swell with pride when I hear her wanting to give to others.  I pray this is a part of her she never outgrows.  

I'm hoping this will be the year I get to take Harper-Lynn to see The Nutcracker Ballet.  I can vividly remember going to see it with my aunt when I was five.  I can't wait to share this experience with my own daughter.  For the past two years her favorite holiday book has been The Nutcracker Ballet so I think she's ready for the real thing! 

We try to do two "big" activities each Christmas season. The ballet will be one thing and I'm hoping we can do Stone Mountain Christmas as well.  Harper-Lynn wants to ride the train so badly! We went to SM a few weeks ago and she loved it, but was disappointed she couldn't ride the train.  I promised she'd get to the do it around Christmas time.  It's set up like the Polar Express so I know she'll love that! We are also going to Six Flags with my Single Mom's group in December for our annual Christmas party so looks like we'll have three "big" activities this holiday season.

One thing I've never done is write letters to soldiers overseas at Christmas.  I've decided to make this a priority this year.  My personal goal is to write 100 letters.  I plan on having Harper-Lynn draw or color a picture for each one as well.  If we get started in the next few weeks we should have no problem making my goal a reality!

More than any present, get-together, activity or letter, I want this Christmas to be the year Harper-Lynn really sees what amazing gift our world was given by the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I pray something will spark her interest in Him so much that she'll want to seek to know more about Jesus and this will be the start of her personal relationship with Him.