Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Busy August

Birthday girl just before camp last month!
Harper-Lynn had surgery on July 12th. We've been taking it easy ever since.  Harper-Lynn was getting lonely so I started play dates at our house last week.  Just one friend at a time.  Today we're going to a friend's birthday party.  I've explained to H that she can't run around or do anything to possibly injure her nose and face.

August is gearing up to be a CRAZY month for us! Harper-Lynn will have to go back for surgery the first week of August.  She needs to have the dried blood and other debris from her sinus surgery cleaned out and the ENT will check out her left ear which I fear the new tube installed has come out.

Pre-K starts August 8th.  How in the world can this be?!? I was doing great with it until I received an e-mail from her school scheduling parent orientation and asking me to watch a 16-minute video.  So I watched the video and CRIED LIKE A BABY!!! I didn't realize just how much I'm going to miss my baby girl. This is going to be a BIG transition for us both.

We're going on a mini vacay next week so I had to have parent orientation early.  It went well.  I'm happy to report "Twin Power"....what we call Harpie and my nephew, Matthew who's just 3 weeks older than H....will be in the SAME class this year! This could possibly be the last time they go to school together until high school so this was important to me and my sister.  The kiddos love each other so much.

I received the results of the genetic testing done in early June.  Surprisingly it was negative for cystic fibrosis and diseases that resemble cystic fibrosis.  While I didn't want H to have CF, I sure did want some answers as to why she's constantly having infection after infection.  We will see her Pulmonologist in mid-August.  He'll have the pathology reports from surgery back by then and we can sit down together and discuss where we go from here and what additional testing he feels Harper-Lynn needs.

Harper-Lynn and her bestie, Chloe, will be doing gymnastics together.  They are both super excited! A big thank-you to the Myles-A-Part Foundation.  Harpie received a $500 summer camp scholarship from them.  She went to camp in June at my parent's church like she did last year.  She did 6-weeks of gymnastics, but we couldn't finish it due to Harper-Lynn's surgery.  H was scheduled for several camps in July, but those, too, had to be cancelled.  Myles-A-Part went above and beyond to help us.  They agreed to take the funds that were refunded to them from the camps and apply it towards 18 weeks of gymnastics classes for the fall time.  Such a huge blessing for us both.  

Harper-Lynn's two-year anniversary at McKenna Farms is in mid-August.  I still can't believe we've been there that long! I'm incredibly thankful for her amazing Occupational Therapist, Rachel.  She and H have a wonderful relationship and I couldn't ask for a better OT for my Harpie.  We've seen Rachel on Wednesdays our entire time at McKenna Farms, but will be starting Tuesday mornings once school starts.  It may not seem like much, but it's a big transition for us all.  One of the my favorite parts of "the farm" is the friendships I've made with other parents/guardians who share our time slot each week.  It's rare to find others who know exactly what you're going through. These women...and one man...have been such a source of strength for me the past two years.  They have encouraged me...cried with me...shared their stories with me...rejoiced with me...laughed with me...listened to me...been there through it all with me! It's emotional.  I know I'll make friends with the Tuesday morning parents, but losing these Wednesday afternoon folks is hard.  

While transitioning to Tuesdays will be hard, I am excited about one thing....super mom and McKenna Farms employee, Amy, will be there with me.  Amy is a mom to two adorable kiddos.  Her youngest child, a son, has special needs.  Amy has been such a source of encouragement to me during the past two years.  She has shared so many resources with me.  It's because of her that I've learned of the many scholarships and opportunities Harper-Lynn has received.  Can't wait to see her each week!!!

After a decade plus of pain I'm FINALLY having my wisdom teeth removed.  Sadly though, each tooth is resting on a nerve so my surgery has been deemed high risk. I'll have to have it at a hospital in Atlanta in late August.  I'm very nervous.  My oral surgeon basically told me that if he hits the nerve or something horrible happens I could have permanent nerve damage.  The thought of any part of my face being paralyzed petrifies me!!! While I'm scared of the risks involved, the agonizing pain and repositioning of my teeth caused by the wisdom teeth coming in leaves me no choice but to go forth with the surgery.  

As you can tell, August is going to a busy month for us! Lots of new and exciting things and a few scary things as well.  I'm thankful for it all though. Thankful we have OUTSTANDING insurance, a family and church family who is always there to help out and friends who lift us up in prayer.  God is good folks!