Sunday, June 5, 2016

Six Days Away

This is by far one of my most favorite pictures of Harper-Lynn. It's from April 2013 back when she was modeling.  Seems like soooooo long ago! 

I've been going through pictures the past few days.  Harpie turns 4 on the 18th, but her Rainbow Dash-themed party is this coming Saturday the 11th.  Her excitement is so fun to watch.  This is the first party she's helped me plan.  I love hearing the little ideas she's come up with. She's been helping with craft projects for the party. Harper-Lynn requested I make Rainbow Dash bows for each of the girls coming.  The materials weren't cheap, but the look on her face when they were completed was well worth it.  So we're just 6 days away from her birthday party.  Can't wait to share all the little details with you guys next weekend.