Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Superior Plumbing Club

Most people will see the title of this post and think I'm going to share with you guys how our toilets backed up and we needed a plumber.  Not the case! ha! Whew! 

In fact, our family has never used Superior Plumbing, but they will definitely be the first folks we call should we ever have a plumbing need and I'd love to share with you why this is so.  

Earlier this year my friend Amy sent me a link to Superior Plumbing's contest page.  The contest was for The Superior Plumbing Club.  I'll be honest, I still thought it had to do with toilet issues! ha! 

Once I clicked on the link I quickly realized Superior Plumbing is an INCREDIBLE company with an INCREDIBLE desire and ability to help special needs children in the Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta areas.  I quickly signed up Harper-Lynn for the contest which was to receive tickets for Braves games...or so I thought.  

Since Harper-Lynn has been voted on and chosen as one of the 2016 Superior Plumbing Club winners we have received not only Braves game tickets, but also, tickets to see the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus, invites to private parties and even basketball events. It's been awesome! 

Just last month, Harper-Lynn and I attended her FIRST BRAVES Game thanks to TSPC! She did so well and we had so much fun at the stadium.  I can't thank Superior Plumbing enough for this opportunity! 

We're excited to see what fun things are ahead for The Superior Plumbing Club!