Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Overwhelmed Mommy

The past few weeks have been very hard.  It started with a precious little girl named Allie returning to her mother after my sister had been fostering her for 18 months, followed by test results we weren't expecting for Harper-Lynn and the final days of school.  I was ready for summer vacation, but now I see it's going to be just as crazy with an upcoming surgery for Harper-Lynn along with more testing.

My sister got Allie when she was 16-months old, a few days before Thanksgiving in 2014.  I won't go into why she entered foster care, but I will tell you her mother lost three other children to the system. Why and how she got Allie back is beyond my comprehension.  I have worried about her safety ever since she left a week and a half ago.

Harper-Lynn's Pulmonologist ordered a CT Scan of her sinuses and testing to rule out Cystic Fibrosis. She's had numerous upper respiratory, sinus and ear infections along with 4 eardrum ruptures since birth.  She had the tests last Wednesday and it showed yet another infection and Harper-Lynn was put on her 35th antibiotic since birth.  Surprisingly, her CF test came back abnormal twice.  Her doctor was extremely surprised and  I was so overwhelmed I could barely function for 24 hours.
We saw a Pediatric ENT today who agreed with Harper-Lynn's Pulmonologist.  She will be having sinus surgery.  The Pulmonologist wants to put a scope down H's throat to look at her lungs so we are waiting for a day they can coordinate their schedules for surgery.  The ENT and Pulmonologist both agree Harper-Lynn's CF is mild. Genetic testing has been ordered since the CF test results could also mean she has another genetic disorder instead.

While I'm thankful to have a name and/or direction to go in with all her infections, CF or anything like it was NOT even on my radar.  Like with Harper-Lynn's initial ASD symptoms, I feel like I'm in uncharted territory and it's a very helpless feeling.  I know God ordained this whole thing though.  We are seeing the top doctor's in Atlanta.  We are in good hands.  I look forward to learning more about CF and to see what the genetic testing reveals.

Somehow, Harper-Lynn has gone another 9 months of school! Tomorrow is her last day of preschool.  I will officially be the mommy of a Pre-K'er! Time has flown by. It seems like this school year just started.  Anyone else feel that way??? Harper-Lynn  has loved school so much.  Her teachers have been amazing.  They are patient, dedicated, organized and extremely creative.

Harper-Lynn leaves preschool knowing The Pledge of Allegiance, her ABC's by name and identification, numbers 1-10 by name and identification, all of her colors, recognizing her name, spelling her first and last name and being able to trace all of her letters.  It's an amazing fete for a child who couldn't even speak two years ago!

I know Pre-K will be a HUGE adjustment for my Harpie.  Her Occupational Therapist, Rachel, is going to make up social stories each week to prepare H for this big transition to a new school. We'll also be doing a little "school time" each day to keep up with everything Harper-Lynn has learned this year and hopefully prepare her even more for the next school year.  My goal is get her to write her first name without tracing by the start of school.  I'd also like to start some sight words with her as well.  If anyone has any other suggestions for preparing her please let me know.  I'm always open to trying new things.