Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer School

I told Harper-Lynn we'd be doing about an hour of school time each day during summer break.  I figured 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon or evening would work out great for her attention span.  She has had so much fun with it.  I pray this "fun" continues as she gets older. ha! I am so proud of her.  And I know parents are supposed to be proud of their children and I probably talk about her too much, but I just can't help myself. Two plus years ago when Harper-Lynn lost her speech I was told she may never speak again, would probably be in special education and could have some other severe impairments, too.  Every time I see her do something I prepared myself I wouldn't see I get overwhelmed with joy, thankfulness and pride.  

Today in our "school" time we worked on copying the letters I wrote down and her first and last name.  She made a few mistakes and I loved watching her use her pencil's eraser to fix it.  She was very determined to make it as perfect as it could be. ha! She probably gets that from her mommy! I think she did outstanding. Can't wait to see where she's at before Pre-K starts in August.