Friday, May 20, 2016

Pay It Forward

I'm always so thankful when friends and family give Harper-Lynn clothes, toys or books.  It makes being a single mom just a little bit easier.  

One of the things I'm firm on with Harper-Lynn is paying forward the blessings we receive.  Twice a year we go through her things and find gently used items we can donate. I implemented a rule when she was born...she must give to get! That means she must donate at least 5 items around her birthday (it's in June) and around Christmas time to get gifts. 

Earlier today we sat down and went through all of Harper-Lynn's toys.  She and I share my parents 16x20 basement with attached bathroom my dad had built about a year after we moved in.  While I'm so thankful for our space, it is small when you take into account all of the things we have.  I've always tried to make the best use of the space, but things can still look cluttered sometimes. All that said, we were able to collect two full trash bags of toys, two grocery bags full of books, plus random items.  The Frozen vanity and Elsa doll will be going to one of Harper-Lynn's friends.  Technically, H could still use the vanity, but since she's about 43 inches tall her knees don't fit under anymore. ha! 

I was extremely surprised with how much she was willing to part with.  I explained to her we were donating these toys to children who don't have anything to play with.  What she doesn't know is that these items will be going to a local battered women's shelter.  I pray these toys and books are well received and a precious child feels a little better after receiving them.   

I'm very proud of Harper-Lynn.  This is by far the most we've ever donated at one time.  I know she'll get many gifts at her upcoming birthday party.  I always want her to understand there are many children less fortunate than her and we always need to think of others before we think of ourselves.