Thursday, May 5, 2016

Favorite Things

Leap Frog Learning DVD Set

Harper-Lynn has definitely mastered the letter H, however, she was having a very hard time identifying other letters.  When I mentioned this to her speech therapist at our very last session last week she mentioned this Leap Frog Learning DVD set.  I just sort of went along with it not thinking it would be much help. 

We received the DVD set from Mrs. McGee on Sunday and watched our first DVD that evening. In just a few days, Harper-Lynn can identify every letter consistently and is now starting to add the sounds each letter makes.  I'm still in awe! This DVD set is AMAZING! I highly encourage you to try it if you're child is struggling with letter recognition. The DVD set and the flash cards are very engaging and are put together with music and a kid-friendly story line.  

Better Homes and Gardens' Cranberry Mandarin Splash Candle Scent

I'm actually sitting here at my computer while my candle is burning.  The scent is a little slice of heaven! Not overpowering, but definitely makes the room smell fresh and inviting.  It's a perfect scent year-round
Screaming Owl's Up, Up & Away Set

I'm pretty certain I shop more online than I do in an actual store for Harper-Lynn's clothing.  Most items come from E-bay and are gently used, but occasionally I like to splurge on really cute items that are a great price! As soon as I saw the Up, Up and Away outfit set in my Facebook timeline I knew I had to get it for Harpie.  It does take a while to arrive which is how Screaming Owl is able to save folks so much money.  I think this outfit will be perfect for Harper-Lynn to wear on her first day of Pre-K in August!

Power Rangers Dino Charge App

It's safe to say the Power Rangers craze Harper-Lynn is on is here to stay for a while. She is obsessed with them.  She has all of the new rangers minus the gold one, several rangers my brother gave her from when he was a kid and other Dino Charge items that go along with the show.  I recently added the Dino Charge App to her tablet.  We have had way too much fun with this app!!! There are several great features on it, but our favorite, hands-down, is the part where you can change your face into an actual ranger.  We have spent hours doing this with each other and my nephew, Matthew.  We all crack up each time.  The app is free.  If you have kids into the new Power Rangers, you definitely have to give this app a try.