Monday, May 2, 2016

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation (ASDF)

Last summer, shortly after our Marcus Autism Center diagnosis,  a friend of mine with a child on the spectrum told me there were many scholarships available to help children with Autism.  I started researching and sure enough she was right! 

One day I happened upon the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation's website.  I reached out to them to see what assistance they could offer Harper-Lynn, if any.  I thought perhaps they might be able to help out a little with her upcoming 2015/2016 school year tuition as $165/month is kind of hard for a single mom on a budget.  Within an hour they replied and offered to pay Harper-Lynn's ENTIRE school year.  I kept having to reread it to make sure that's exactly what it said. ha! It definitely was for the entire 9 months.  In all, nearly $1500! 

To say I was thankful would be an absolute understatement.  It was such a burden lifted off my shoulders.  Harper-Lynn would be able to go four days a week of preschool and continue on her path of being prepared for pre-K and kindergarten.  

Because of ASDF's help, Harper-Lynn is thriving and has absolutely LOVED school this year.  We all know she graduated from speech last week. The doors God has opened for her continue to amaze me.  

I recently shared with friends a paraphrased prayer I said at the start of our Autism journey in the spring of 2014.  In it I told God I would walk down ANY path He led us on if He would just put people in place to help Harper-Lynn and give her the BEST care possible.  I told God I wanted Harper-Lynn in a regular class by kindergarten (we surpassed that goal!!) and I would do anything and go anywhere to make it happen.  

I have always felts God's presence on this journey! I can look back and see Him in all things that have transpired. 

While it was difficult some days to make and drive to appointments I was a Mommy on a mission! God answered my prayer and continues to bless us with the help, resources and financial assistance we need to keep her caught up with her peers.  I have no doubt God used the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation to carry out one of His blessings for us.