Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring Pictures 2016

Last week I had the honor of doing spring pictures at my daughter's school. I created a sweet shabby chic setup for the girls and used a rocking airplane belonging to my nephew for the boys and boy/girl sibling photos. Each setup was a success. While I thought the girly setup would be my favorite it turns out the airplane was AWESOME!! 

Some days I get so used to our normal (lining up toys, pens, markers, dvd's, riding in the car with a blanket over Harper-Lynn's head, or tough transitions) I forget about Autism.  Last Thursday was not one of those days.  EVERY SINGLE child I photographed looked at the camera at least once...Harper-Lynn tried so hard, but couldn't.  I tried to not let it show, but there were tears in the corners of my eyes.  In that moment I was sucker-punched by Autism.  There were still so many more kids to photograph so I held my emotions in and kept going.  

I understand why she has a very hard time looking straight at me or anyone, but it didn't make Thursday any easier.  I'm sure there are people who will think I'm overreacting, but you know what, they don't live my life! I see Harper-Lynn's progress...I celebrate EVERY success, but Thursday was just a reminder that Autism is real and my precious daughter is still in it's grips.  

Here's Harper-Lynn's best photo from the shoot...

And here's the more boyish setup...

I had the share this photo.  Little sister, Riley, beat big brother, Parker to the airplane when it was time for their sibling shot.  Parker's face says it all! ha!