Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Little Beauty

Harper-Lynn is by far the most difficult person I've ever photographed.  Her Autism effects her by making it hard for her to make eye contact and hold it. She used to model, but once her symptoms started two years ago we stopped.  

I was very proud of Harper-Lynn today.  She really did her best to look at the camera like I was instructing her too.  She even verbalized when she needed a break.  Typically she'd cry...start kicking...or run away.  Every day she amazes me with her growth.  My friend, Jenny, said it yesterday and I firmly believe it..."Harper-Lynn is the poster child for early intervention!" 

Harper-Lynn will always be Autistic. She will always have her little quirks, but every day she gives me hope that the road ahead will be a little easier than the past two years.  Our motto is, One Day at a Time! It's how we've made it these last few years.  I hope you find encouragement in these pictures below.