Wednesday, April 20, 2016

HE did it!

My anxiety has been a bit high the past few days.  Last night it occurred to me I was really nervous
for Harper-Lynn's special needs preschool/Pre-K evaluation results meeting set for this morning at her school.  

I'm almost certain the anxiety stemmed from going into our appointment with the Marcus Autism Center last year and feeling Harper-Lynn wouldn't be diagnosed with ASD only to have that be the case.  I really had nothing to worry about though.  Today was so positive!

Evaluators, Pam and Beth, couldn't have been more kind.  After their evaluation, it is their belief Harper-Lynn DOES NOT need to be in our county's special needs program.  Honestly, it felt like the past two years were worth EVERYTHING...exhaustion...prayers...uncertainty...traveling.  Harper-Lynn is officially caught up with her peers on an educational level! Yes, she still has Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Her sensory issues still remain along with other things like hypotonia, PICA and now asthma.

I had ONE goal two years ago: Get Harper-Lynn caught up with her peers by the start of kindergarten.  My little girl has surpassed that goal by a year! Praise God! I give HIM all the glory! We would never have been able to make it this far without HIS help and the amazing team HE has put in our path. 

Monday will be a hard day for me and Harper-Lynn's speech therapist, Mrs. McGee.  After two years, Harper-Lynn graduates! It seems unreal.  Two years ago, I wasn't sure this day would ever come. Now Harper-Lynn graduates from speech on a higher level than most of her peers.  Definitely a GOD thing! : )

My advice for parents just starting therapy for their children: Stay the course, pray, get others to join you in prayer, do whatever it takes to help your child as you are their biggest advocate, give your child every opportunity available and if something doesn't work just move onto something else that could help.