Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why I Walk

Most of you know I've started a team called Harper-Lynn's Hooligans.  We'll be walking in the upcoming Autism Speaks Walk on May 1st in Atlanta.  I thought I'd share why I'm walking.

I walk because two years ago my child couldn't speak and now she's far-exceeded everyone's expectations of her.  

I walk because after two other diagnoses of ASD, I heard from doctors at the Marcus Autism Center on June 8th, 2015, "Harper-Lynn does have Autism Spectrum Disorder."

I walk because Autism entered my life like an out of control freight train and made me feel helpless.  

I walk because Autism was never something I had to ever really encountered until my own child showed symptoms.  

I walk because there are families who received a diagnosis today and they are devastated.  

I walk because I need to believe there will be a way to stop this disorder from occurring in future generations. 

I walk because Harper-Lynn's medical team is incredible and I'm so thankful for each and every one of them!

I walk because one day Harper-Lynn won't think Autism means "awesome," and I'll have to explain to her exactly what she has.  

I walk because I can't sit by and do nothing.  

I walk because so many people have prayed for Harper-Lynn for two years and continue to do so.  

I walk because Harper-Lynn and I used to travel up to 500 miles per week for therapies for her.  We now only travel around 300 miles per week.  

I walk because I love my daughter with every fiber of my being and want her to have every opportunity available to her.

I walk because I told God I would go down any path He led us on if He would just help me figure out what was going on with Harper-Lynn when she lost her speech two years ago. 

I walk because every day I see children who have symptoms far worse than Harper-Lynn.

And finally, I walk because Autism has changed every part of mine and Harper-Lynn's lives!

*Photo is by me.  It's from Harper-Lynn's 9 month photo shoot in March 2013.