Friday, March 25, 2016

The Hall Pass

Harper-Lynn had a follow up appointment with her sleep specialist today. Dr. K wanted Harper-Lynn to be completely sleeping in her own bed by now, but we're still not there yet.  Harper-Lynn will fall asleep in her bed, but only stays there overnight about 40% of the time.  We're shooting for 75% before we start tapering her off of the Melatonin she takes at night. 

The doctor wanted to create a reward system for Harpie so she came up with the "hall pass" idea.  Basically if Harper-Lynn sleeps through the night in her bed she gets to get up in the morning and bring me the pass in exchange for a reward.  We will discuss what the reward will be each night before she goes to sleep. 

So we came home from her appointment and made a hall pass! Harper-Lynn loved coloring it and personalizing it with stickers.  My goal is to eventually get it laminated, but for now it should be okay.  I'm really hoping this plan works.  Before Harpie went to sleep tonight she informed me that she wanted a piece of her Easter candy in the morning if she sleeps in her bed all night. I'm not a fan of candy in the morning, but if it gets her on track we'll do it!