Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Reward

Pop and Harper-Lynn 2015
I mentioned in a previous post found here how proud I was of Harper-Lynn for verbalizing her desire to stay at home instead of going to a friend's birthday.  By doing this she didn't get to meltdown stage and her anxiety quickly improved.  Instead of going to the party, we dropped off the gift, went to Sam's for some lunch and I told Harper-Lynn she could get a small (really meaning inexpensive! ha!) gift since she used her words instead of having a meltdown.  I figured she would probably want some Shopkins, a book or toy for her sand table, but no, she wanted a plant and birdseed for our bird feeder.  I asked her several times to make sure she didn't want anything else.  She was very certain these were the two things she wanted.  So we bought them! Harper-Lynn repotted her little cactus all by herself.  She did an amazing job! I should have known she could do it though. Harper-Lynn and my dad have done most of the flower and vegetable planting together the past few years.  She's a pro...and LOVES it so much!