Sunday, February 14, 2016

Donations for Gautemala

Last fall our pastor was talking about the upcoming mission trip members from our church will have an opportunity to go on this summer. When I came home from church that day I really felt like God was calling me to do something to help the people of Guatemala.  I remembered before last year's mission trip they were asking for donations of personal hygiene products. I walked out into our garage and saw the lavender bucket I'd used for donations of peanut butter for Harper-Lynn's 2nd birthday.  I had the idea the collect sample-sized personal hygiene products! 

I've mentioned my Single Moms small group at church.  They are a heaven sent wonderful group of women.  We are also probably one of the less affluent groups at our church.  I still wanted us to do something to help with donations.  I came up with the idea of each person bringing in one item around $1 each week.  It was so easy for us to do.  I'm so excited to share, as of today, we have filled the bucket and actually have an overflow! 

A HUGE thank-you to these sweet women for their dedication with this project! So many people will be blessed by your generosity!