Monday, February 1, 2016

Autism Speaks Walk Atlanta

I've been very open about Harper-Lynn's Autism journey since it started two years ago. It was so life-altering it was something I just couldn't not share with those around me. I can remember putting Harper-Lynn to bed one night in March 2014 and walking upstairs to talk with my parents.  I couldn't help but cry as I told them I was pretty certain there was something wrong with Harper-Lynn.  They couldn't deny it either.  The very next day I called her pediatrician.  He wasted no time referring us to therapies.  

As I look back on the last two years of our life it's definitely been a whirlwind.  When Autism entered our world I wasn't ready for it. Since that time it's changed me in every way.  I've been passionate about many things in my 36 years of life, but none more than Autism research.  New estimates say ASD affects 1 in 45 children. It's an epidemic! I have vowed to live the rest of my life supporting efforts to find out what causes Autism and how to prevent it.  

My friends and family will be the first to tell you how much joy I get watching Harper-Lynn master something I know she's struggled with.  Hearing her say her first words were wonderful, but hearing her speak again after losing her speech was one of the greatest moments of my life.  I will always celebrate her in every way I can!

I will probably never get the opportunity to personally thank each and every person who has prayed and supported Harper-Lynn and I the past two years, but I can pay their love and kindness forward.  This is why I have chosen to create a team and be a part of the Autism Speaks Walk on May 1st in Atlanta. is one of the greatest resources for families starting out on the Autism Spectrum Disorder journey.  The wealth of information they've been able to amass is incredible.  The research they support is definitely helping children on the spectrum. I am so proud to raise money to support their efforts. We've set a team goal of $1000.

Coming up with a team name was difficult.  I wanted to include Harper-Lynn's name in is since she's going to be the star of our team on May 1st. My brother suggested a name and I ran it by my Single Moms group and they loved it.  DRUMROLL*********We are calling ourselves, "Harper-Lynn's Hooligans." I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say we will be proudly displaying the colors of Autism Awareness. 

I'll be sharing more about this in the coming months.  If you feel led to give please click here.