Thursday, January 14, 2016

Still in Retirement

Since Harper-Lynn was an infant to about 20 months old, she would model for different small boutiques.  She would get to keep the clothes, accessories or whatever she was modeling in exchange for me doing pictures of her in the items and giving them to the shop owners for use on their websites and promotional materials. We had a great thing going! I can remember doing 12 shoots one month back in the fall of 2013.  When Harper-Lynn's Autism symptoms started to present themselves it was very clear we couldn't continue doing this.  I remember several shop owners sending H beautiful care packages filled with accessories and monogrammed clothes through her ASD diagnosis journey just because they loved her so much.  We've been asked many times in the past few months after Harper-Lynn's 3rd birthday shoot with her hippotherapy horse, Spirit, but I tried to explain to them that she had 4 people during the shoot trying to guide her with eye contact.  Not the same for the modeling. 

Recently Harper-Lynn saw some of her modeling photos and asked to do it again.  I was VERY hesitant.  Yesterday we did a modeling shoot for this adorable monogrammed Valentine's dress. I'll be didn't really go that well.  Harper-Lynn's eye contact was very off..she was cold...cranky...and wanted to go home. The boutique loved the photos I submitted and chose to feature this one.  I think we're back into retirement for a while though! Oh well, lesson learned.  I'm still VERY proud of H.  She amazes me everyday!