Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tis the Season..

It's been a long day! Each time I've seen Dec 15th on the calendar, I've been a little leery of its arrival. Harper-Lynn had her school Christmas program and party as well as her dance performance all today! I'm extremely pleased with how she handled everything.  I know it took everything out of her though...she fell asleep at 6:40. Ha! 

Their class theme was the nativity.  They made shirts using their handprints.  I made each of the girls in her class a sparkly nativity bow to match.  They were so pretty under the stage lights!

My girl definitely enjoys a good cookie! It made for a fun class party after the program.

I had plans to curl Harper-Lynn's hair, but an hour before we needed to leave she decided that wasn't happening.  I let her wear a little makeup.  She definitely felt very special. H LOVES to dance so much! Can't wait for the spring recital.