Sunday, April 13, 2014

The "A" Word

This is a hard post to share.  Harper-Lynn will be 22 months old later this week.  In recent months I (and many others) have noticed her speech has regressed in a HUGE way.  She could once say around 100 words and phrases, but now says about 5 words in total. We thought she was having hearing issues.  It showed up as positive on two tests, but a final third test ruled that out completely.  On Wednesday, after her sedated ABR, we were told to have her put in speech classes and get tested for Autism.  It was one of those moments when my heart just seemed to fall to my knees.  This is the last thing I ever wanted for my little girl.  I've known something was wrong, but didn't want to think along these lines.  In addition to the speech regression, she has some sensory issues that lean towards Autism, too.  Needless to say, there will be a lot going on in the next few months as we try to get her the help she needs.  Despite having trouble communicating, she is still bubbly, loving and downright funny. She loves to put on a show for anyone willing to watch.  I pray she doesn't lose these precious qualities. I hope you guys will be in prayer for her, too.