Monday, June 17, 2013

Dear Harper: 1 YEAR OLD!!!

I feel like this year went by at rapid speed.  I still think about the days before you were born and how I was filled with so much anticipation and anxiety! Not much has changed in the past year! Ha!

It's been an incredible journey for this mommy who pretty much gave up hope of ever being someone's mother.  The past year has been filled with so many ups and downs.  The ups include watching you grow, learn and do new things, hearing you say, "I love you.", having you crawl and now start to stand on your own as you prepare to walk soon, having you graduate to a sippy cup and get off formula! The downs include Colic, E-Coli and subsequent hospital stay at Scottish Rite, dealing with a terrible pediatrician (thankfully we NEVER have to go back to him ever again!) and the sleep troubles that have plagued you (and me) since your birth.  Through it all though, my love, I wouldn't trade ANY of it! Each day I see you smile and hear you laugh and every bad moment just seems to disappear.  I know God sent you here to change change my heart, because that's exactly what you have done.  You have made me a better person.  You have shown me how to slow down and enjoy the little things in life again.  After my tumor removal in 2006, I really lost myself.  The years since then haven't been too kind to me.  Your arrival broke me of my past and allowed me to love myself again which in return allowed me to love you, Daddy and those closest to me as well.  I feel whole for the first time in nearly a decade and I am grateful for that.

My next update like this won't be for several months. I'm really thankful I did these monthly updates. It's interesting to go back and read through them.  You have grown so much! You have the cutest personality and you are bossy just like me! Ha!
Here's what you are up to, sweet girl!


-Size 18-24 months in clothes
-Size 3-4 in shoes
-Size 0-6 months in socks
-Size 5 in diapers


-16 ounces of cow's milk from sippy cups during the day
-6-10 ounces of formula from a bottle at night
-You enjoy yogurt, Cheerios, all vegetables (green beans are you favorite!), some fruits (not too crazy about them), chicken (hands-down your favorite food!!!), rice, Knorr sides, meatloaf (you don't mind the green peppers and onions I put in it...AWESOME!), mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cheese toast, goldfish crackers, cheese slices, lunchmeat, cheese quesadillas, hashbrown casserole, scrambled eggs, plain biscuits, waffle fries from your favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-A.


-About 30 words consistently, but will copy anything you hear (basically you LOVE to talk!)


-Just started using a spoon to eat with.
-Starting to stand in place without holding onto anything. 
-Giving us commands! You can say, "Stop it.", "Up.", "No."...and you know WHEN to use them!!
-You get so excited when you get new clothes.  You really enjoy your fashion! LOL!
-Standing up in the bathtub.  Scares this Mama so bad!
-Definitely trying to be more independent which is fascinating to watch. 


-You have really enjoyed the keyboard Grammie and Gramps recently bought you.
-We finally bought some batteries for your elephant toy and that's been a big hit, too.
-You still love to play ball. 
-You also enjoy peek-a-boo a LOT!


-Jake and the Neverland Pirates
-Sophia the First
-Sesame Street


-30-60 minutes for 10am nap.
-45-90 minutes for 2pm nap.
-Bed between 7-8pm.  Up one or two times overnight depending on teething and general health. Usually up around 7am.

Looking forward to in the next three months...

-Your birthday party!!!
-4th of July parade with Mommy's family and evening celebration with Daddy's family!
-Swimming at Aunt Kendra's new house!!!
-Beach vacation.
-Meeting Great-Aunt Lou and Great-Uncle Greg!
-The birth of your baby cousin, Harrison.
-Talking even more.
-Starting MMO!!!