Monday, June 10, 2013

Cookie Monster Photo Shoot

Back in January my sister, Kendra, and I decided we would buy monogrammed matching outfits for our babies to wear to their birthday parties since they are only three weeks apart.  I couldn't be more thrilled we decided to do this.  Matthew's sock monkey-themed party was adorable and the babies looked so cute at their photo shoot. 
Harper-Lynn's Cookie Monster-themed party is coming up next week so we did her photo shoot Saturday afternoon across the street from my home.  The babies have had LOTS of photos lately in honor of their big days so I decided to keep this one low-key and just let them sit and eat chocolate chip cookies.  These are some of the most adorable photos! Enjoy!

I imagine them saying, "Here we go again.  ANOTHER photo shoot!"
One of the funniest moments! They just realized they have matching shoes on! LOL!
Trust me...they had NO problem just sitting there and munching on cookies! Ha!
I imagine Matthew saying, "Wonder if she's going to eat that cookie?" LOL!

She really is a Cookie Monster!
Cookie Monster Birthday Princess! Precious!
I swear he is one of the happiest babies! Love that smile so much!!!