Sunday, May 12, 2013

Harper-Lynn's Dedication Party

Harper was supposed to be dedicated at church this morning, but due to two ear infections and a stomach bug we felt it was best she not take part in it.  Since my parents had already bought all of the food and we had bought her cake, we decided to go through with her party despite not having the ceremony this morning.  I think everyone had a really great time.  It was the first time we had both of our families together since we got married last year.  Harper seems to be doing a lot better.  She hasn't had a fever in about six hours.  I'm hoping this means the antibiotics are doing their job!!!

Here are a few photos from her party...

Aunt Kendra (my sister) bought her this adorable Minnie Mouse chair.  I know she is going to LOVE sitting in it! Thanks so much, Kendra!!!
My mom holding Harper. 
My dad holding Harper.
Harper and Daddy!
Harper and Mommy! I have very few pictures of me and my little girl.  I'm definitely framing this one!!!
Our local Publix did a fabulous job on the cake!!! It says, "God Bless Harper."
A rare family photo opportunity for us.  Wish Harper was awake and the sun wasn't in my eyes, but hey, we'll take what we can get!
*A HUGE thank-you to my parents for making this party a reality! You guys are the best!