Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear Harper: 10 Months Old

I never knew a baby could learn and do as much as you have done this past month.  You literally learned and did something new each day!!! I'm such a proud Mommy! You make me smile so much, Harper-Lynn.  I can't thank God enough for allowing you to be my daughter. 
-Size 18-24 months in clothes
-Size 3 in shoes
-Size 5 in diapers
-Between 28-40oz of formula (you've been eating around the clock due to teething!)
-1 Stage 2 fruit for breakfast or scrambled eggs or individual packet of oatmeal with fruit, also have diced banana or apple if you want it
-1 Stage 2 vegetable for lunch along with diced chicken or lunch meat, also have diced banana or apple if you want it
-1 Stage 3 meal or most anything that I'm making for dinner
-Dada or "Datty" ALL DAY LONG!!!
-Trying to say and do the Tomahawk Chop Chant (Daddy couldn't be prouder!)
-Tickets (from Dinosaur Train...hilarious!)
-Mama (pretty much only when you want out of your crib!)
-Tomahawk Chop and Chant
-Hand motions to "Itsy, Bitsy Spider"
-Crawling (you finally mastered it...and are EVERYWHERE!!!)
-Pulling up
-Standing up if placed in position
-Getting up between 2-4 times EACH night! It's been quite a challenge for me.  You sometimes sleep in to 7am, but not as often as I'd like you too.
-You also are going to be around 9 which is something you've NEVER done before. 
-You have 6 teeth and two more that are trying to come in.
-You've started having tantrums when put down.  It got so bad one day I had to sit you on my lap while I used the bathroom.  Not much will calm you down.  I'm chalking it up to teething. 
-You can use your sippy cup like a champ!
-Apparently you can feed yourself the bottle when you are at Grammie and Gramps house, but refuse to do that for me or Daddy.  Hmmmm.....
-You can take your orange ball and push it down the hall.  I love watching you go after it. 
-I recently heard you "reading". You were sitting on the floor in your room and had a hardback book open.  You were turning pages and babbling.  Absolutely precious!!!!!!!! One of my proudest moments as a mother to date.
-You have fallen in love with Grammie and Gramps' dog, Hershey.  You just get so excited to see and pet her. 
-Sid the Science Kid
-Sofia the First
-Sesame Street
-Jake and the Neverland Pirates
-And of course, Dinosaur Train
-Going to bed around 9 and getting up between 6-7am.  Unfortunately you also get up 2-4 times overnight screaming. Sometimes you will take a bottle.  It takes about an hour to get you back to sleep.  Needless to say, it's been an exhausting month!
-Still will only sleep 30 minutes twice a day for naps.
Looking forward to...
-Matthew's Sock Monkey birthday photo shoot (you guys have matching outfits)
-Doing more modeling.
-Aspen's birthday.
-Daily walks.
-Play time at the park.
-More time with Grammie and Gramps.
-Mommy's first Mother's Day! ;- )
-Your dedication at church.