Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dear Harper: 9 Months Old

Hands-down this has been my favorite month! Several weeks ago you were playing in your saucer and Daddy and I heard you "talking." You will occasionally say "Mama" and "Dada", but nothing that is continuous.  I jokingly told Daddy that it sounded like you were saying "I love you." As we listened closer it was very clear that you indeed were saying just that.  We were stunned to say the least!!! In fact, that has never been anything we've tried to get you to say.  We simply tell you those three little words as many times as we can throughout each day.  To know that you picked up on the three words that mean so much to a person is incredible.  I cherish every time you say, "I love you." You may not know exactly what it means, but to know you've heard it so many times from your Mommy and Daddy that you picked up on it makes me so proud.  I hope you always know how much you are loved, sweet girl.  Your Daddy and I would walk through fire for you.
You continue to grow and astound us each day.  You have started to let us know what you want and what you don't want.  You want to be moving all the don't want to go to bed! Ha! Bed time is definitely becoming more difficult.  I guess you've decided you don't want to miss out on anything!
-Size 18 months in clothes
-Size 3 in shoes
-Size 0-6 months in socks (though you don't really wear socks much anymore since you've decided they taste good...seriously, you LOVE sucking on your socks while they are on your feet!!!)
-Size 5 in diapers
-About 25 ounces of soy formula
-Close to 2 ounces of water in sippy cup
-1 nondairy yogurt for breakfast
-1 Stage 2 fruit or vegetable for lunch + shredded chicken or shredded cheese quesadilla
-1 Stage 2 dinner + something from my plate cut into very tiny pieces
-Mama (on occasion)
-Dada (on occasion)
-I love you. (on occasion)
-Starting to get into position to crawl on knees.  You've sort of been pulling yourself to crawl up until now.
-You LOVE to self-feed now. You are prefering it a lot more than pureed food. 
-You are able to stay up about an hour and a half longer than before.  It means you are FINALLY sleeping a little later in the mornings.  I have been waiting for this for sooooooo long!
-You have been getting up a few times most nights.  Sometimes you want a bottle while other times you just want to be held.  Thankfully you go back to sleep very quickly each time.
-You turn your head really quickly when someone says your name.  So cute to watch you!
-You really enjoy your independent play time.  I try to let you do this each day.  I will watch you from behind and listen to you babbling to your toys while you try to figure each one out.
-You are obsessed with your baby dolls.  I hear you from your crib playing with them before you finally fall asleep each night.  I've even heard you say, "Baby."
-Daddy and I are so thankful you are an excellent car rider.  You really enjoy getting out.  In fact, you are sooooooo good when we are shopping.  You love to watch the people around you and you really study the items in front of you.  When someone talks to you, you always smile for them. 
-You like for us to make a big deal out of you doing something.  This may come back to haunt us, but right now we love it as much as you do.  You just light up when we praise you.
-Your baby dolls are tops right now!
-Saucer.  You LOVE looking in the mirror (and have for a while now) along with playing with the rattles that I've attached to it.
-Sesame Street (you are on an Abby Cadabby kick right now)
-Dinosaur Train (still a favorite!)
-Chuggington (you actually smile when this comes on)
-Bed between 7 and 7:30 at night.  Generally wake up around 7 in the morning with a few interuptions overnight.
-Still only sleep for 30 minutes (like clockwork) twice a day.
Looking forward to...
-9-month check up (I can't wait to find out your stats!)
-Braves opening day (we won't be going this year, but we will still be watching it together as a family!)
-Your first Easter.  I have put together an adorable little basket for you and we will be doing an egg hunt at Grammie and Gramp's house that day!
-Aunt Kelly's birthday.
-Gramps' birthday.
-Summer spending the night during her spring break from school.
-Going to the park.
-Mastering crawling