Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Bow Addict

There is a cute phrase going around that I've seen on onesies and other little things.  It says, "I'm not the bow addict, my Mommy is." I'm pretty certain that could definitely be true in my case! While Harper has started noticing "things" in here hair, she still lets me put in clips and bows for now.  Whew! Ha!
Because a lot of people who read this blog are family that lives out of state I thought I'd share Harper's bow collection.  For just seven months old she has definitely has a large collection! And for the record....I didn't buy all of these, most were gifts. 

I LOVE this little metal dress form I found at Hobby Lobby last summer.  It holds Harper's clips and small hairbows.  It's to the left of her changing table so it makes putting them on her real easy in the mornings.

This is Harper's collection of holiday or special occasion bows.  These holders were created by businesses found on Facebook. 

This is Harper's collection of every day bows that range in size from 3-5 inches in width.   I made the bow holder when I was pregnant with Harper last spring. 

And last, but not least, Harper's clips that are sets.  We can't do pigtails yet, but when she can I will definitely be using these!

The only things not pictured are her headbands.  I'm currently working on a headband holder.  Once it's done I'll share it with you guys.