Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dear Harper: 7 Months Old

So, I'm a day late in getting this blog post up.  It's been incredibly busy around here and we've been having trouble with our internet.  It finally got fixed yesterday.

You and I have been through some tough times these past seven months, Harper-Lynn, but I think this has been the most trying month for me! I thought you being colic and suffering from reflux was bad, but I never dreamed you refusing to eat your baby food would trump both of those!!! Yes, my sweet girl, you definitely gave mommy a very hard time this past month. 

About three weeks ago you just stopped wanting to eat any baby food.  You would blow bubbles with it which would leave me, you, the high chair and anything else in our paths covered in food and after two weeks of this you finally just pursed your lips together and refused food all-together.  To say I was stressed and emotional would be an understatement!!! Thankfully you hit a turning point and have been eating normally this past week.  Your doctor thinks it was related to teething which could definitely be the case.  I'm just happy that things are back to normal!!!

Since you are so mobile and growing up so fast, I thought I'd change up the format a bit and use this layout for future updates.  Hope you like it, sweet girl!


-Size 12 months in clothes
-Size 0-6 months in socks
-Size 1-2 in shoes
-Size 4 in diapers


-24 ounces of soy formula
-1 Stage 2 fruit for breakfast
-1 Stage 2 vegetable for lunch
-1 Stage 2 meat mix + 1 Stage 2 vegetable for dinner
-1 ounce of water from sippy cup


-Mama on occasion
-Dada on occasion
-Huh? (this one cracked up both me and Grammie when she heard it!!!)
-Sometimes mimicking sounds you hear us speak


-Can sit up on your own for about 20 seconds before falling over
-Eating your go through 2 pairs of socks a day because of this!
-Reach for things offered to you
-Reach hands out to be picked up (Gramps was the first to experience this...and it was on Christmas day!)
-You somehow figured out that if you are playing with toys on your blanket all you have to do is pull the blanket towards you and the toy(s) come to you.  Talk about lazy!!!


-You LOVE the lights and sounds gumball machine we got you for Christmas. You learned very quickly to pull the lever so the balls would roll down.
-You like to ride the horse that Grammie and Gramps got you for Christmas.  You move back and forth trying to get it to move.  Incredible to watch!
-You like the activity triangle Aunt Kendra got you for Christmas.  You like to throw it, too!


-Dinosaur Train (your FAVORITE show!!!)
-Enjoy Sesame Street (especially when Cookie Monster is on)


-Generally 10-12 hours at night (we started waking you up to give you a bottle around 1am so you wouldn't get up at 3am for the day!!!)
-About 1-2 hours tops during the day

Looking forward to...

-Rooting on the Atlanta Falcons (let's hope they make it to the Superbowl!!!)
-Your first Valentine's Day
-Going to the Atlanta Zoo for the first time
-Getting some teeth (you still don't have any!)