Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear Harper: 6 Months Old

Oh, Harper, how can you possibly be six months old today?!? It seems like just yesterday they were prepping me for surgery to deliver you. What an incredible 6 months it has been!!!

You continue to grow by leaps and bounds. You have about two weeks left in your 9 month clothing then I will make the official jump to 12 months stuff. I didn't think you'd be able to wear a size 12M  until spring time so I have TONS of dresses in that size, but recently had to buy some pants outfits to get you through until spring time.

You now wear a size 2 in shoes. You have the cutest little feet. Your toes have been curling up so I try to have shoes on you most of the day to prevent this from happening.

Your favorite toy is a pink round Winnie the Pooh rattle that was Reina's. You carry it with you everywhere! You recently figured out how to push the buttons on a musical toy that was Gracelyn's. I just love watching you light up when you hear the music from it. I couldn't wait until Christmas so I pulled out the activity table Daddy and I bought you as your gift from Santa. I stand you up against it and you have a blast with it. The other day you started wiggling your tushy when the music came on. I was laughing so hard!!!

A week and a half ago you said your first word..."Mahhhhhhhma." I was in the kitchen washing your bottles and you were sitting in your bouncy seat just behind me and I heard it. I was so shocked I turned around to look at you and you said it again. Hands-down, one of the greatest moments of my life!!!

You started crawling last week. One day you were just rolling all around the living room and then the next you were crawling. I am in total awe of you!!!

You now eat three meals a day and take about 20-24 ounces of soy formula as well. You still love green beans, but I think your favorite food is now peas. You will tolerate some fruits, but for the most part, you could go without them. You absolutely detest bananas and peaches. I guess we will come back to those in the coming weeks and months. For now, I don't want to stress you out with it.

Two weeks ago, I decided to implement the "Ferber Method" and let you cry it out to fall asleep.  For the entire first five and a half months of your life the only way you would fall asleep was if you were walked around.  Eight days before you were delivered, I fell down the stairs on our deck and fractured my tailbone.  I have been having lots of lower back pain because of it so I knew I couldn't keep up the "carrying method" to get you to sleep.  I am happy to report that you took to the FM like a champ! In fact, in the last two weeks there has only been one time you haven't fallen asleep within three minutes of being put down.  Praise GOD!!!

You celebrated your first Fountain family Christmas (Daddy's mother's side of the family) on Dec. 1st. You were a hit dressed in the cutest candy cane-themed dress from Great-Aunt Louetta and a Papa John's bow I had custom-made for you to wear for the occasion. The general consensus was that you looked like a "doll baby"...and Daddy, of course!

Despite all of these amazing milestones this past month, they have each been bittersweet due to the fact that Daddy told me just two days after you turned 5 months old that he wanted a divorce. He moved out several days later. Needless to say, it's been a difficult time for me. I have tried so hard to be a great mommy to you, but I'll admit it hasn't been easy. I've been getting little sleep and feeling overwhelmed by the stress of things. I pray you haven't noticed. The last thing I want is for any of this to be hard for you. I guess you being so young, you won't really feel the magnitude of Daddy's decision until you are a little older. I am thankful for that. I know you will ask questions in the future as to why your mommy and daddy don't live together. I'll be preparing myself for the day. In the meantime, I hope you know that I love you with all my heart and this is truly the last thing I wanted for you or me. I love your Daddy and always will. It's because of him that I have my greatest blessing of all time...YOU! You are my world Harper-Lynn and I promise you that will NEVER change.
*I am in love with your hat photo above.  Your eyes are just stunning! I recently heard from a doctor that if they are blue at six months they are pretty much going to stay that color.  I'm thrilled!!!