Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dear Harper: Four Months Old

I cannot believe my baby girl is four months old!!! What a month it's been!!!
This could easily go on record as one of the most trying months of our entire family's lives.  Shortly after you turned three months old you got sick.  Ultimately you were hospitalized at Scottish Rite and diagnosed with E-Coli, a UTI and severe dehydration.  Mommy and Daddy have never been more scared.  It was a very trying time. 
To make matters worse, Gramps started having problems as well just before you were hospitalized. Three days ago he was was hospitalized and sadly he will lose his left foot in the coming days.  Gramps is devastated and so is the rest of our family.  It breaks my heart that you will never know him as we have all known him.  I don't know what the coming months and years hold for your Gramps, but I do pray he will learn to be active again and not let his disability hold him back.  He's a fighter!
On a lighter note...
I've enjoyed dressing you up in Halloween-themed outfits each day this month! Your Great-Aunt Lou looks forward to your outfit selections each day because I usually post them on Facebook.  She definitely gets a hoot out of you and the things I make you wear! Just know I do it because I love you!!!
You are reaching for things now.  A few days ago I was using my phone to read the news like I usually do during your first feeding of the day.  Typically, you like to look up at the screen, too.  Imagine my shock when you took your tiny hand and ripped the phone from my hand! I was so startled, but couldn't help but laugh.  Let's just say that was just the beginning! Since then, you've snatched several things from me including my hair!
While I was up at the hospital with Gramps and Grammie yesterday, Daddy sent me a picture of you via text. Apparently you are a really big girl now and can roll from your belly to your back! He went to get you out of your crib and you were on your back! You've been doing the back to belly since your first few days of life, but this was a BIG step in your development.  I have to admit that I went to the back of Gramps' room and cried.  I was so disappointed that I didn't get to be there to see this big milestone for you.  I know there will be many more to come, but it was definitely tough for Mommy.
You are drooling EVERYWHERE!!! Seriously, you go through about 10 bibs a day if not more.  I finally had to break down and buy more since I was having to do laundry every day and a half.  I now have enough to go 2 or 3 days.  I expect to see a tooth or two in the coming weeks.  Your gums are just so swollen. 
Last weekend you went to your friend, Clara's princess-themed third birthday party.  I found an adorable Cinderella-themed onesie and tutu outfit for you to wear.  You looked so precious! Blue is definitely your color.  Grammie and I were both amazed at how you really seemed to enjoy yourself at the party.  You didn't want to miss a thing and kept watching the older kids.  It was so fun to watch you. 
I opted for a small pumpkin for you this year.  Afterall, you are itty-bitty! I took a sharpie marker and put little dots all over it.  You LOVE it! Every time we walk by it you stare at it.  When I first let you hold it you took your finger and tried to touch the dots.  I couldn't believe you were able to see that kind of detail.  Pretty amazing stuff!
Unfortunately, you didn't make it to your first Braves game like we had hoped.  Since you had had diarrhea for so long we opted to let you stay with Grammie and Gramps.  As usual, they loved having you over.  I imagine you probably won't get too much time over there in the coming months.  Just typing that I tear up.  I really hope you can be what cheers Gramps up.  He loves and adores you so very much.  Thankfully his arms still work for lots of cuddle time!!!
I can't wait to see what new things you can do in the coming month.  There will be a lot going on so I'm sure you will get to stay with your aunts, Kelly and Kendra quite a bit. 
All my love,