Sunday, July 29, 2012

Relief at last...

For weeks I've been dealing with a baby who won't sleep, won't let me put her down and a baby who seems to be choking all the time.  I'll's been very trying! I had several days where I would just sit and hold Harper and cry until I couldn't cry anymore.  With a few hours of sleep each night for about four weeks straight, I was about to crash big time!

I took Harper to the doctor.  He ran tests, but when everything came back normal he concluded she was fine.  I suggested a few things that could be wrong with her, but he was adamant none of those things were going on.

I finally broke down and told Keith we were taking her to Scottish Rite in Atlanta.  It was the best decision we made! The on-call doctor listened to her symptoms, looked at her and instantly diagnosed her with severe acid reflux.  It was one of the things I had suggested to her pediatrician a while back.  While I was so relieved to know what was going on with Harper, I was very angry that she had to continue to suffer because of her doctor.

We left the hospital with a prescription for her reflux and within 24 hours we had an entirely different baby! EVERYTHING literally changed overnight.  She's sleeping, will let me put her down and while she still has some congestion from the formula not always staying down, she is breathing fine which is the biggest relief of all!

We have a plan in place for continued success and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Just seeing Harper content and not in pain means the world to us.  I am so thankful we went to Scottish Rite.  We are in the process of switching to another pediatric medical group, but still have to see her doctor until our insurance approves the change.  I plan on giving him a piece of my mind at tomorrows appointment.  I'm pretty sure Keith will let him have it too!