Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Harper: One Month Old

I can't believe you have been here one whole month! Boy does time fly!!! It feels like just yesterday I was giving birth to you. 

During this month you have grown and changed so much! You started out at 7lbs., 2.5oz., but are now 9lbs., 4oz.  You like to be held...A I have felt every single one of those 9+ pounds in my left bicep! Ha!

What I am most amazed is how you have grown length-wise.  At birth you were 20 inches, but now have to be at least 24 inches.  While your true size is still "newborn", your sleepers are a size 3-6mos. because you are so LONG and your little toes kept poking the ends of your newborn and 0-3mos. ones!

Your eyes are still blue.  I don't know if they will stay that way, but I guess time will tell.  Daddy and I both have green eyes so I'm pretty sure yours will turn eventually.

You have incredible strength! The doctors and nurses at the hospital commented on it after you were born and everyone who's spent time with you while you are awake has experienced your strength.  About three days ago I stood you up and you had enough strength in your legs to put weight on them.  Daddy and I were amazed by this!

You rolled over four times by just day five of life! You have continued this trend.  I'm contributing this to your strength and the length in your legs. 

Have I mentioned you look just like Daddy?!? In fact, one of the first things Daddy uttered after you were born was, "She looks just like me"! He wasn't kidding! You are a spittin' image of his baby pictures right down to his fingers! Sometimes when I pick you up from a nap I can't resist calling you "KJ". It stands for Keith Junior!

Daddy has nicknamed you, Junebug.  Honestly, I'm not that crazy about it.  I'm secretly hoping it doesn't stick. When I look at you I think of the name, Pugsley.  I'm sure you'd probably spend a few years in therapy if we called you that though.  For now though, you are my Harper-Lynn!

In the past week, you have really tried to focus your eyes more.  You seem to recognize me, Daddy and Grammie pretty well. 

Grammie has been here almost every day since you were born.  I have been so appreciative of her help with you and household chores.  It's easy to see that you feel very comfortable with her and that makes me so happy.  Grammie loves you so much! We refer to you as a little "cherub" because of your huge cheeks and the incredibly sweet smiles you give in your sleep!!! I can't wait for the day you smile with your eyes open. 

I think the thing I've been the most shocked about is Gramps.  He is so smitten with you! He's not usually a softy, but you have brought out that side of him.  Me, Grammie and Aunt Kendra all get a kick out of it.

If there is one thing that makes me very happy it's the fact that you enjoy music.  Moreover, you enjoy being sung too.  In fact, you have come to expect it! Aunt Kendra and Grammie have both commented that when they were babysitting you, you kept staring at them like you were waiting for something.  They both came the conclusion you were waiting for them to sing to you.  Ha! I got the biggest chuckle out of this. 

You typically sleep 2.5-3 hours at a time overnight.  It's been a challenge for me to get used to that schedule.  Since Daddy works two jobs so I can stay home with you, I'm pretty much the one who does all your feedings through the night.  I can't wait until we can get 4+ hour stretches...I am one tired Mommy! Lol!

While I am tired, I have enjoyed your first month of life.  Some days it feels like I dream and I have to remember that yes indeed, you are really mine.  You truly are the greatest gift I have ever received.  I am so incredibly honored to be your Mommy. 

*This is hands-down my favorite photo of you during this first month!!! I had just finished feeding you and you propped your elbow up under your head and had one of those million dollar smiles you like to give in your sleep.  I was so thankful my cell phone was handy so I could snap this shot.