Saturday, June 9, 2012

Harper's Nursery

I have dreamed of creating a nursery for a little girl for YEARS! When I found out we were indeed expecting a girl I couldn't have been more thrilled.

I chose to do Harper's nursery in lavender, soft green and lots of white.  I incorporated polka dots and butterflies.  I still have several wall projects I plan on doing, but those will come after she's born since they are shadow boxes filled with momentos from the hospital and her first month of life.  I'll be sure to share those with you guys once they are completed.

I'm not crazy about the photo quality since they were taken with my camera phone, but I think you can get the general idea of how it looks.  I promise you it is definitely much cuter in person!

The changing table came from Keith's sister, Kelly.  Keith painted it white. I found the purple baskets on clearance sale last fall at Walmart so they were only $2 for all 6! There is a lavender laundry basket to the left and an organizer on the top right of the changing table.  I am extremely proud of the butterfly treatment I did on the walls.  I found the lavender ones at Dollar Tree.  They were two and three to a package.  The green ones came from Hobby Lobby and I had a coupon for each of them.  The entire wall treatment is adhered with extra strength wall tape and cost about $6.

I found this clear plastic organizer at  It was $13 and change and definitely worth every penny! It easily adheres to the side of the changing table and holds all the essentials within an arms reach.  I highly recommend it! The polka dot changing pad cover came from Babies-R-Us. I actually bought a green one just like it too so I have a backup when this one needs to be washed.

This is the wall that looks terrible! I plan on doing a shadow box above the rocker and the bookcase.

This little koala bear was mine when I was a baby.  It is in perfect condition for being 33 years old!!! I found the sunglasses at Target yesterday.  They were in the dollar bins when you first walk in the store.  She's got to have cute accessories, right???

This is my favorite part of the nursery!!! The soft green and white glider was a gift from my parents.  I can't wait to spend hours on end rocking Harper! I love the boppy sitting on the ottoman.  It's in the same soft green with white polka dots.  See that blanket on top of the glider??? That was my baby blanket.  It is in incredible shape! I am so happy to be able to use it with Harper. 

The shelf was given to me by our family friend, Lindsay.  It was white, but I took off the hardware and painted it lavender.  At my shower I had everyone sign a plate for Harper and you can see that on the center of the shelf.  The "H" is from my maternity photo shoot I did a few weeks ago.  The pink butterfly was a gift from my mom.  The angel just in front of the butterfly is probably the most special thing in Harper's nursery.  It is actually a piece that came from Keith's mother's casket when she died back in January 2006.  It may seem a bit morbid to some, but we love that it's there and since Harper's middle name is Katherine like her grandmother it makes us feel like she's definitely Harper's guardian angel and watching over her and us. 

When we went to the Braves home opener back in April we bought the mini pink wooden bat along with the Brian McCann baseball since he hit a home run just for her...well sort of! Read about it here.

There's a small ornament just the right of the "H".  It was a gift from our family friend, Beth.  I put together the blocks to spell Harper's name out.  The two white bibs were a gift from Lindsay.  One is monogrammed with her name and the other an "H". The bib in the middle we bought for her to use on the Fourth of July.  All in all, I'm happy with the way it turned out.

We found this adorable white wicker side table at a thrift store.  I was thrilled when the man said it was only $10!!! The lavender ruffle lamp came from Target.  It was a big splurge at $30, but I really wanted it for her nursery. The adorable piggy bank is from Beth (same person as above).  It just makes me smile every time I look at it! The polka dot sheer white curtains came from Walmart.  I believe they were $12 for the pair, but don't quote me on that. 

The white crib came from Walmart.  I opted to not do a crib bumper since I didn't want a suffocating hazard in the crib.  I did splurge on her dust ruffle.  It is three layers of white tulle (the picture doesn't do it justice!!!). It came from Amazon. The crib sheet is lavender with white polka dots (kind of hard to see that).  It was on clearance sale at Kmart when they were going out of business a few months back.  I bought two of them for about $10.  The mobile is also from Kmart.  It was just over $7 on clearance.  It has flowers around it and a butterfly in the center.  The purple ribbon beaded windsock is from Hobby Lobby.  It was $3 with coupon.  The white blanket draped over the front of the crib was a gift from one of my mom's best friends named Beth.  It's not the same Beth as above.  I LOVE the pattern.  It's beautiful!

You can see Harper's lavender toy box to the left of the crib.  It's already full! We plan on buying a storage ottoman to use as coffee table in our living room so we can put more toys in it.  It's safe to say she's going to be a very spoiled little girl!!! I do plan on adding pictures to the walls behind her crib, but just need her to get here! I got some cute baby photography props for my shower and want to use them in the photos.  Of course, I'll share it with you guys when it's complete. 

I'm really happy with how the nursery turned out.  It was definitely a labor of love by both myself and Keith.  Every time I walk into it I am just filled with so much emotion.  I can't believe she'll be here before we know it.