Friday, June 1, 2012

Guess Who's Coming?

I just love the antacids and Pepcid off to the left.  I feel like I've lived off of that stuff lately! Ha!

We have worked so hard the past few months, but especially this past month after moving into our new place (I promise to show pictures soon) to get ready for Harper's arrival.  My friend, Lindsay, was gracious enough to give us a manual breast pump so I spent this morning reading through everything and washing up all of the pieces.  I can't believe how many accessories this thing has!!! For a girl who likes a spotless and organized kitchen this pretty much seems like chaos (I guess the real chaos of having a newborn is coming, right??? Ha!). 

We are nearing the end of getting her nursery prepared.  There are a few pieces, mostly wall decor, that we won't have in place before she gets here because I want to do shadow boxes filled with stuff from the hospital as well as her "welcome home" outfit. 

We had a little scare yesterday.  I wasn't feeling well at all and was having a lot of pain in my abdominal and lower back areas.  My doctor has told me repeatedly that I can't go into labor due to fear of uterine abruption so any time something doesn't seem right to get my tushy to the hospital! While the nurse was talking with me I felt like something leaked out of me.  When she used a ph strip to check me it was positive for amniotic fluid...she basically assumed my water had broke.  I'll admit it, I started panicking.  It's one thing to have a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks, but it's another to have an emergency c-section a day before you hit 35 weeks.  Thankfully, it turned out to be a false positive once they checked my cervix and found that it was closed.  They said that sometimes urine can give a false positive if the ph is off.  I was just so relieved we weren't having a baby yesterday!

I want you guys to know that my husband was AMAZING!!! I've never seem him so reassuring and comforting like he was in those moments when we thought they were going to do a emergency c-section.  I don't think I've ever loved him more than I did yesterday.  Yeah...he's a keeper!

For now, we are home and I'm feeling much better.  After yesterday, I've decided to push everything into high-gear and try to get this home ready for the baby as fast as I can!!! I'm also celebrating my 33rd birthday today which seems absolutely crazy.  How did I get to be so old?!? It's hard to believe I'll be about 51 when Harper graduates high school!!! YIKES!

Keith bought me the cutest messenger-styled diaper bag that's brown with pink polka dots (it matches the travel system my sister bought us) for my birthday.  Lindsay (yes, the same girl from above) is monogramming it for me so it should be ready soon.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.  Keith has to work tonight since he'll be taking off a few extra days the week Harper gets here so I'm going to be spending my birthday with my parents.  Bring on Mom's Strawberry Cake!!! Oh, I can't wait!!!