Saturday, May 26, 2012

Maternity Photo Shoot - Part 2

All in all, I had a blast doing the photo shoot.  There were a few times I nearly teared up just thinking of how long I've dreamed of becoming a mother.  There is truly nothing like having all of your dreams come true!!!
*I really like this one! Think I will probably have it framed and put it in Harper's nursery.
*I was speechless when I saw this photo.  It was one of the last ones we took and definitely means the most to me!!!

*I was so glad that Keith went along with my carnival theme for the photo shoot! He decided to cheat and try to keep my gun from shooting at my target.  In the end he let me win though! LOL!

*I'll let you guys in on a little secret...we didn't actually win this, but used it as a prop! Definitely made for a cute picture! Ha!

*This is one of our first photos.  We, along with our photographer, Heidi, went up in the Ferris Wheel for this shot.  Heidi even bought this "H" for Harper and wrote her name on it. So precious!

*I really like this one, too!

*Definitely another favorite! I plan on putting a 4x6 of this framed on my nightstand.