Friday, April 27, 2012


There is so much going on in our lives right now.  We are trying to buy a home, move and then get ready for Harper's arrival.  To say that we are stressed out would be an understatement!!! On top of all of this, we are both having anxieties about being first-time parents. 

I would have to say I worry most about my physical health after delivery.  This will be my fourth major abdominal surgery since 2006.  In addition to my fourth surgery, I still have several health issues I'm dealing with as a result of previous surgeries so I know recovery is going to be very SLOW! I just hope I'm able to care for myself and an infant all at the same time.

I guess Keith's biggest worries are finances and time management once Harper's here.  He already works six days a week.  He plans on getting a second job in the coming weeks as well.  Not having him home as much as I'll need him will be hard on me and I know he feels guilt about it too. 

I have already told him that he is in charge of bathing Harper until her umbilical stump falls off.  I have no idea why that freaks me out so much.  I'm okay with vomit and poopy diapers, but give me a scab and I crumble! Ha! He has gladly agreed to take on this job.

Many people have told me that you just can't fully prepare for a baby and I get that.  I've done my best to secure enough diapers for at least eight months and enough wipes for three years, but I'm sure there will be tons of little things that pop up that I just didn't even think about. 

I subscribe to the Baby Center app on my cell phone and check it religiously each day.  In the past week it's said I should have the nursery done and start to put baby gear together.  Obviously I have NONE of this stuff done! With preparing to move so close to her arrival, we have everything boxed up.  I get such anxiety just thinking about everything we have do once we move.  Ugh!!!

Right now we are just trying to take things one day at a time and not get too overwhelmed with everything.  We've had many friends and family offer to help us with the move, getting the house ready and after Harper's arrival and plan on taking each person up on their offer.  So keep those phones on...we'll be calling soon!