Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby Shower - Part 1

My mom and sister co-hosted a baby shower in my honor today.  I'd love to say things went smoothly, but that wasn't exactly the case!!! I was helping out before the shower and about 30 minutes before it was set to begin I cut my left pinky finger while slicing limes for the punch.  I can't even describe the pain! There was so much blood.  I really should have gone to the ER that moment, but obviously couldn't leave the shower! My hubby took me once it was over. 

Here's a shot of it wrapped up just before the party started...

I'm happy to report that the finger is still there, however, it looks really nasty.  The doctor super glued it up and gave me prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medication.  I guess this means I'll get out of doing laundry and chores for at least the next week! Ha! Hope Keith reads this!

Here are shots of the decor...

(my sister made this...OUTSTANDING!!!)